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sample coding

sample coding; admitted name
SpeechCoding; Source: CLARIN-D CMD component cmdi-speech-technical; data element name

PID: http://www.datcatinfo.net/datcat/DC-5514

Identifier: speechCoding   Type: complex/closed   Origin: CLARIN-D   Profile: Metadata

Definition: the coding of a single sample within a digital signal
Source: CLARIN-D

Example: Most audio signals are encoded with 16bit signed integer. Telephone signals are encoded as either alaw (EU) or mlaw (US/AS) logarithmic scaled 8bit signed integers.

License: This work by http://www.datcatinfo.net/datcat/DC-5514 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Language sections: English, German

Data type: string

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