Group: CKCC

The CKCC project is an NWO medium size project (2009-2013) to create a collaboratory out of the collective correspondence of the scholars that were active in the Netherlands during the 17th century. An archival copy is in preparation that will be metadated on the basis of the CMDI profile Correspondence Historical. The components and metadata elements will be documented by ISOcats collected in CKCCC-DANS.

The project CKCC is carried out at Huygens, which will host the collaboratory. DANS is carrying out the archiving work package, and ingest the archival copy and its subsequent updates.

This CKCC group are the authors and reviewers of the CKCC related categories and CMDI profiles.

Currently project leader Guido Gerritsen is the only Huygens employee on CLARIN. On the whish list are Walter Ravenek, Gertjan Filarski, Ronald Dekker, Karina van Dalen.

memberGerritsen, Guido (Huygens Instituut)
memberGrootveld, Marjan (DANS)
memberRoorda, Dirk (DANS)
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