Thematic Domain Group: Morphosyntax

TDG 2 for Morphosyntax manages a profile that includes the set of data categories used for morphosyntactical markup in language resources, as well as one or more Data Category Selections used in this area. Morphosyntax involves those elements and patterns of morphology (word formation) that reflect syntactical or grammatical functions, such as inflections and other paradigmatic elements whereby word forms change in adaptation to their usage.

For example, in German the infinitive-forming particle zu is inserted between some verb prefixes and the root form of the verb instead of simply preceeding the verb in the sentence, which is the more normal position:

übersetzen, meaning to translate: I read the text in order to translate it. Ich habe den Text gelesen, um ihn zu übersetzen.

übersetzen, meaning to transport to the opposite side of something: I came to transfer the boat to the opposite side of the river. Ich kam, um das Boot auf die andere Seite des Flußes überzusetzen.

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