Thematic Domain Group: Semantic Content Representation
NameSemantic Content Representation

TDG 3 for Semantic Content Representation manages a profile that includes the set of data categories that can be used for semantic markup in language resources, as well as several Data Category Selections used in this area. The markup of all types of language use is supported, including written text, multimedia messages and resources, and recordings of spoken and multimodal interaction. Not only individual data categories will be defined, but also principles for structuring comprehensive sets of semantic data categories, for example in the form of multidimensional annotation schemas; for the addition of elements or structures to such sets; and for selecting coherent subsets.

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ChairBunt, Harry (Tilburg University)
MemberCalzolari, Nicoletta (ILC-CNR)
MemberChoi, Key-Sun (KAIST, Korterm)
MemberChoi, Key-Sun (KAIST, Korterm)
MemberDeclerck, Thierry (DFKI GmbH)
MemberFarrar, Scott (University of Bremen; University of Arizona)
MemberFrancopoulo, Gil (Tagmatica IMMI-CNRS Spotter / Paris)
MemberHasida, Koiti (AIST)
MemberLee, Kiyong (Korea University)
MemberPalmer, Martha (University of Colorado)
MemberRomary, Laurent (INRIA)
MemberSalmon-Alt, Susanne (ATILF-CNRS)