Thematic Domain Group: Syntax

TDG 4 for Syntax manages a profile including a global set of data categories that represent points of reference for particular tagsets used in the syntactic annotation of various languages. TDG 4 is associated with the SynAF standardization proposal (ISO CD 24615), which deals with the description of a metamodel for syntactic annotation involving elementary linguistic (in fact syntactic) abstractions. This TDG aims to establish consensus regarding definitions assigned to a set of data categories for constituency and dependency annotation. categories for constituency and dependency annotation, along with more generic generic data categories that underly both. These criteria represent the primary classes of categories identified in SynAF:

* Basic generic data categories common to all kinds of syntactic annotation (concepts such as /tagging/, /parsing/, or /syntacticFeature

* Constituency-related data categories (concepts such as /chunk/, /phrase/, or /clause/, etc.)

* Dependency-related data categories (concepts such as /modifier/, /complementizer/, or /subject/, etc.)

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ChairDeclerck, Thierry (DFKI GmbH)
MemberFrancopoulo, Gil (Tagmatica IMMI-CNRS Spotter / Paris)