Thematic Domain Group: Multilingual Information Management
NameMultilingual Information Management

TDG 11 for Multilingual information management elaborates data categories and maintains the profile relevant for description of multilingual information in translation memories, localization files or multimedia applications like subtitling, karaoke or interactive TV. In particular, this profile should be used as a basis for referencing data categories relevant for standards such as TMX (Lisa/Oscar), XLIFF (Oasis) or SMILText (W3C), when it is necessary to elicit the interoperability conditions between them. It also provides generic data categories for the representation and qualification of multilingual information and as such is the basis for any implementation of the MLIF (Multilingual information Framework - ISO CD 24616) standard. This profile comprises, among others, data categories relevant for source and target text categorisation, multilingual tool identification, inline elements for presentational markup, synchronization data categories and linguistic segment categorization. This TDG will also maintain one or more standard Data Category Selections associated with these applications.

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ChairCruz-Lara, Samuel (INRIA Nancy Grand Est)