Thematic Domain Group: Lexical Resources
NameLexical Resources

TDG 12 for Lexical Resources manages a profile that includes the set of data categories that can be used to describe lexical resources of varying complexities, including all the different layers of linguistic description (phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics) needed for various language technology applications, and including phenomena such as multi-word expressions. Both written and spoken lexicons are considered. The TDG must rely on work done in previous initiatives involving quite many groups all over the world in order to ensure a truly consensual approach. The profile must be used in connection with the Lexical Markup Framework – LMF, which is being used in a number of projects for many languages, including some Asian languages.

Most of the data categories will have been defined in other TDGs, such as morphosyntax, syntax, and lexical semantics. This means that work in this TDG should not repeat what has already been done, but – in close connection with these other TDGs – simply incorporates data categories that comes from other profiles and that are appropriate for encoding lexicons, looks for their consistency, and only adds those items that are specific for lexicon encoding and not for text annotation.

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ChairCalzolari, Nicoletta (ILC-CNR)
MemberFrancopoulo, Gil (Tagmatica IMMI-CNRS Spotter / Paris)
MemberGeorge, John L. (ANSI)
MemberKemps-Snijders, Marc (Meertens Instituut)
MemberWittenburg, Peter (MPI for Psycholinguistics)